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August 24th was the release date for the Hart to Hart podcast featuring the Sailboat Project!

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Our 2020 Goal

Social isolation is taxing on both the mind and body - everyone feels the toll of quarantine - but we don't have to be completely isolated. The Sailboat Project is bringing to the Hart District ideas never tried before. We want to make the 2020 year better than any other.

Why Sailboat?

The Sailboat Project is dedicated to the founder's best friend, who uses sailboats as a symbol of conquering her mental health and being in control. It's easy for the sailboat to tip over and hard to upright it, meaning that sometimes you're underwater for a while. But you have a destination to get to. Sail.


Project Manager

Zoe Titus

16, Senior at Hart

"Dedicated to my best friend, the Sailboat Project is a close-to-my-heart endeavor of mine. Mental health has been so important to me, personally, as I believe it is the root of many world problems and has shaped who I am today. I believe Generation Z prioritizes mental health more than others. Now it's time to prove that statement by advocating to integrate it into our schools, communities, and policies."

Outreach Manager

Michael Ortiz

17, Senior at Hart

"I joined this project in order to help people out who may be going through stuff. As well as meet new people. A quote I'd like to share is: 'Don’t stop anyone from doing what you want to do, you can do anything if you put your mind to it.'"

Outreach Manager

Outreach Captain

Maddie Jensen

17, Senior at Hart

Supporting Artist

Research Captain

Madison Woo

16, Junior at Hart

"My journey to a greater understanding of mental health started with a character in a fictional book. Since then, learning about mental wellness has been a real eye opener. I hope that others will join me in becoming more aware of and learning to care for mental health."

Music Specialist

Solutions Captain

Olivia Twitchell

16, Junior at Hart

"Always help someone because you might be the only one that does. Mental health is a top priority. I help people because people have helped me."

Music Specialist

Supporters Captain

Miriam Bozman

16, Junior at Hart

"This project is not only important to those who are currently working on their mental health, but those who don't know how to start or are afraid to reach out. This project gives an opportunity to people who feel stuck, and reaffirms that they are not alone. A sense of community and relatability is exactly what a lot of people need right now."

Outreach Manager

Claire Walsh

17, Junior at Hart

"This project is very important to me because it is something that I would have greatly benefitted from during my earlier years at Hart. These resources can help us learn how to care for our mental health and well-being so that we know when and how to get help."

Solutions Manager

Supporting Artist

15, Junior at Hart

"'All that destroys you is a gift revealing the one thing you have left: the part of you that is indestructible.' I want to provide a safe space for others to become comfortable with being uncomfortable and to share how they feel without worrying about being judged or invalidated. After a long and ongoing battle with my mental health, I want to show that peace is possible 🧡"

Olivia Moon

Solutions Manager

Ashley Pacheco

17, Senior at Hart

"Your feelings are valid. You have every right to feel whatever emotion you want. You aren't being dramatic. You aren't overexaggerating. You're feeling. And that's okay."

Feasibility Analyst

Bella Sandoval

16, Senior at Hart

"Be somebody that makes everyone feel like a somebody!"

Project Supporter

Grace Smith

17, Senior at Hart
"This project is so important to me and others. I don’t have a very healthy mental health and I feel low often. With this project, I hope to give every student a voice and for mental health to be more important to everyone."

Researcher / Writer

Katherine Tovmasyan

16, Senior at Saugus

"As a person who has learned to manage my own well being, I am so glad to help give resources and push our schools to proactively help those who are struggling as so many of us are at this time. It is important that we come together as a community to combat mental illness and the stigma that comes with it."

Solutions Manager

ASB Affiliate

Ashley Cortez

17, Senior at Hart

Project Supporter

Cade Carlsen

17, Senior at Hart

Solution Stormer

Davis Bos

15, Junior at Hart


Arin Rothschild

17, Senior at Hart

Solution Stormer

Angela Ramirez

17, Senior at Hart

Project Supporter

Kyla Jones

17, Senior at Hart

Mental Health Specialist

Madison Rodriguez

16, Senior at Hart

District Expert

Mrs. Fairbourne

Wellness Coordinator at Hart

Every Student in the Hart District!

All of you deserve to be a part of this project too! You can support the project by contacting us with your ideas of what YOU want, or you can join the team!

We Want to Help

Here are the things we are doing to make this year better for you.


Partnering with the District


Peer Counseling


Social Activities


Teams of Therapists


Education on Mental Health