Painting on Canvas

Talk to people who understand you. Choose who you want to talk to. We will provide the ear to listen, you provide the topic, pace, and how much depth you wish to go into. Once you start talking to our team, you are not obligated to spill everything about your life if you don't want to. It's all casual and it's all to benefit you. Take advantage of our project and use it to your benefit.

Tell us what you want out of this project. We will organize any idea you have (if plausible in corona-conditions) and make sure to match your requests as closely as possible. If you want something in-person, we will work our hardest to make it happen. THIS YEAR IS YOURS.

It's not only mental health we are here to talk to you about, it's also your friendships, relationships, school work, and anything else you are stressing about. It's alright to be overwhelmed by life, we are too. The best part of all our peer counselors being teens is that we all completely understand where you're coming from. School is weird and stressful! Being at home all day makes us feel lazy and tired. And we all miss our friends.

So text us on either the chat on the website or on our instagram DMs.


We all hope you have a great day!