Group Activities

Group activities will take place both online and in-person. Though mental and social safety is our main focus, physical safety will be taken care of with due diligence during in-person events.

Started 8/16

Join our Sailboat Project gaming discord server to play video games with ANYONE from the Hart District, ANYTIME. Just call out on the #general-1 chat and ask if anyone wants to play with you!

(No money or consoles required)

Have a Picnic

Zoom call while having a picnic, or - even better - have a socially distant picnic with music, masks, and maybe some food too! You can still see your friends, but you have to resist the urge to give them a running hug.

On 12/14

Where: outdoors at a vacant park

When: in good weather so you or your food won't melt

Bring: a blanket, mask, lunch, and a speaker for your music


Zoom with your friends to do homework, study, or watch Netflix together!

For people who have a game called Jackbox on a gaming console or computer, you can share your screen and play with your friends - even if they're at different houses!

Paint or draw with your friends on Zoom. Have a contest, or turn it into a game of pictionary!

Learn magic tricks and perform or teach them to your friends.

Listen to a music live stream while on Zoom with friends! It's kinda like going to a concert.