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The Sailboat Project wants the School District to not only prioritize mental health in the 2020-2021 school year, but also every year beyond that. That's why we want the District to provide students with a mental health class!

We are hoping this new class will have curriculum that teaches not only the psychology behind it, but also:

  • Mental health awareness

  • Thought journals

    • Tracking your thoughts over the course of the year to see improvement/waves of mental health​

  • Protection of personal information and not oversharing personal experiences

  • Competitive mentality leading to triggers

    • Understanding​ diversity of experiences

  • Bullying

  • Effects of stress on mental health

  • Effects of mental health on productivity, relationships, and quality of life

  • How to seek therapy for mental health diagnosis

  • How to prioritize mental health

  • Coping mechanisms

    • Breath work​

    • Good and bad coping mechanisms

      • Obsessive versus healthy​

  • Triggers and how to minimize their effects

  • Safety plans

    • For example, The Butterfly Project​

    • When in a crisis situation there is a plan for quick help

  • Music therapy

  • Meditation/yoga

  • Joining support groups

  • Mental health and the Justice System

  • Building your understanding of your own mental health

  • Helping friends while 

  • Lifestyle guidance

    • Long-term solutions instead of ​

  • Importance of sleep on the brain

    • How to deal with insomnia

  • Gender roles and its effect on mental health

  • Self love

  • Social media use and mental health

  • Creative rehabilitation

    • Reestablishing creativity as an outlet for emotional and mental ​distress

  • Respect of privacy

Long-Term Projects