Sail Boats

Who We Are

Our ever-growing team is composed of regular students, grades 9th to 12th, who are actively demanding change for our schools' mental health programs. We found each other through school, clubs, and Instagram, united under a common goal, and will continue to seek improvement for both our own and the 23,000 other students' educational experiences. We are raising our voices because we have collectively realized that if we don't speak, other people will make our decisions for us. The Sailboat Project is motivated and curious: how much do our voices and minds really matter?


Over the course of the 2019-2020 school year, our district went through trauma, chaos, and social isolation with events such as the Saugus shooting, the fires that caused many to flee their homes, the quarantine that inflamed our mental health, and the suicide of one of Hart's own rising seniors. Students at all schools are suffering right now. The Sailboat Project aims to get representatives from every High School on the project team and bring mental health solutions to the District. We are more capable of running this project than many might think and we aren't afraid to speak our minds. The District and the community of Santa Clarita has provided students with volunteer therapists during the weeks after the shooting and has formed plans for a wellness center at every school, however students have not yet seen the full benefits of a mental-health-minded District and community. Now, we are here to support and inspire future mental health endeavors. This group of students will fight for our friends and make our school systems, our parents, and the adults in our community recognize our mental health crisis and take major steps to combat it. We are here to help the leaders of our community step up to the monstrosity of the year 2020 and give it their best attempt. We are here to turn that attempt into a successful reality.

Bring Change 2 Mind

Starting in late-October of 2020, The Sailboat Project decided to partner with the mental health awareness nonprofit organization Bring Change to Mind, co-founded by actress Glenn Close. Find out more about BC2M and its mission for youth across the country at their website.